Boo-Boo Packs

$8.00 each

Additional Covers available for $3.00 each

(it is great to have a spare when washing one cover)

Fun and bright designer prints will bring a smile to any kiddie (or caregiver) with a hurt. Outer shell is machine washable and made from 100% cotton fabric.

The boo-boo pack is a great alternative to ice packs because you get the comfort of cold without the mess of melting ice, or the shocking cold of a gel pack. It is safe for your child and there is no worry about ingesting toxic chemicals. The outer shell is made from 100% cotton fabric, the inside pouch is made from muslin fabric and filled with all natural flax seeds.


  • Warm the pack for 20-25 sec in the microwave and use for muscle pain and aches, cramps, tooth and earaches.

  • Warm packs are also excellent for relieving pain in a colicky babe's tummy.

  • Place a warm (never hot) kiddie pack on the tummy or back of a baby that just wont go to sleep without your hand on them (remove your hand and place warmed kiddie pack on babe's back or tummy - they wont even know you moved).

  • Also great for mom: use to relieve discomforts in labour or as a hot compress for nursing moms suffering from engorgement.

  • Store in freezer for bumps and bruises, sprains or insect bites.

  • Soothe hot cheeks from teething and fevered foreheads.

  • Touch the bottom of a sleepy newborn's feet with cold pack as a gentle way to wake him or her up to nurse.


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Please use caution when warming your booboo pack. Overheated packs could potentially burn the skin.